Cow Having Fun
watercolor on paper
28" x 22"

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1981 Folk Life Festival Poster

In 1981 Brad Braune was commissioned by MOKA, a publishing company to design the first Texas Folk Life Festival poster. The annual festival is a celebration of ethnic Texan cultures sponsored by the University of Texas at San Antonio, Institute of Texan Cultures.  This image of the longhorn cow with a balloon tied to her horn has become a familiar symbol of the nationally recognized festival.  Only one edition of 3000 posters was  printed and now those original posters have increased in value.  Originally priced at $25,  now the posters are valued at and regularly trade for $800 and up.  Signed copies can sell for even more.  There were a small number of the posters signed and numbered by the artist for the Institute in 1981, and some of these have been known to sell to collectors for as much as $2000 and up.  He was commissioned again for the 1991 poster on the ten year anniversary of the first poster.  His original painting for the 1991 Texas Folk Life Festival hangs in the US Embassy in Moscow.  This poster is still in print and available for purchase through the studio web site on the Poster page.