TriPoint Flat Guesthouse

Our new 3 bedroom Guesthouse next door to the studio in San Antonio.  Owned by Veriena & Brad Braune

Lambert Street Guesthouse

A charming 2 unit Guesthouse owned by my Mom and Sister

Granbury, Texas


Southwest School of Art

Formerly The Southwest School of Art & Craft and before that The Southwest Craft Center.  The name change is part of the evolution of the school to the first fully accredited Fine Arts School in Texas.  Accreditation will be complete by 2013.

Landscape Pano 2

Majestic Ranch Arts Foundation

Institute of Texan Cultures
University of Texas at San Antonio
1981 Texas Folk Life Festival Poster

The Joffrey Ballet


I did the front curtain for the ballet: Jamboree

Greater Tuna

Tuna Christmas

Red, White & Tuna

Three well known plays by my friends Joe Sears and Jaston Williams

I did the original set for Tuna Christmas



Fiesta Cornyation

The raunchiest, cheapest event of Fiesta

Praise at Midnight

a novel by Martha McCabe

cover art by Brad Braune

Artist Kathy Braune